Benefits of Using a Vegan Face Cleanser

Benefits of Using a Vegan Face Cleanser

When it comes to experimenting with our skincare regimen, we must choose the right product very carefully. There are plenty of factors that we should take into consideration to find the right product that can work best for us.

For vegans, looking for the right facial cleanser to buy will require a bit of research, especially on the ingredients used. They must be vegan-friendly and should be of good quality.

Above all, the cleanser should be cruelty-free, which means that no animals were harmed during the testing and production of the product. Also, we all have different skin types. So aside from the type of ingredients used, another factor to consider is the type of skin that you have.

In this article, we’ll talk more about the different types of vegan face cleansers and the benefits of using them.

What Are Face Cleansers?

Face cleansers, also known as facial cleansers, is a skincare product that’s mainly used for cleaning the face.

It effectively removes make-up and skin impurities, including excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt. Aside from promoting a healthy skin tone, a facial cleanser can effectively unclog your pores in order to prevent acne growth.

Why Go Vegan?

There are many reasons why people would go vegan. Most people will immediately assume that going vegan is a matter of living a healthy lifestyle. But aside from eating plant-based foods, vegans are also committed to using cruelty-free products and those that are made from vegan-friendly ingredients.

So, when it comes to vegan-friendly face cleansers, vegans would steer clear from products with animal derived ingredients such as gelatin, beeswax, collagen, keratin, and other animal byproducts.

Because of this, vegan products are usually made using natural or organic ingredients, making them incredibly beneficial. Moreover, these products are cruelty-free, which is what the vegan lifestyle is all about.

Certified Vegan Meaning

In order for a brand to be certified as vegan, its products must adhere to the guidelines set by the Vegan Awareness Foundation. This means that these products don’t contain any animal-based ingredients or byproducts.

These products weren’t manufactured using animal products, weren't tested on animals, and no animals were harmed during production. The certified Vegan logo can also represent an entire website or company although it’s usually awarded to every single vegan product.


Its Effect on the Environment

Aside from the health benefits that come with following a vegan diet, going vegan also benefits the environment and most importantly, the animals. You are helping to save animals from abuse while also having a strong and positive impact on the environment. In fact, one of the biggest benefits is sustainability.


Veganism can also help to minimize the impact of pollution. According to the Worldwatch Institute, almost 51% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world are due to livestock farming. In addition, the agricultural industry makes up 55% of the total water usage around the world.

According to studies, producing a single cheeseburger would require 660 gallons of water and that’s about the same amount of water that a person can consume for 2 month of showering. 

Can You Make an Impact?

If you want to make a positive impact on the environment, going vegan is one way to do it.

According to studies, a person who follows a vegan lifestyle will produce 50% less Carbon Dioxide emissions, uses 1/11th less oil, 1/18th less land, and 1/13th less water compared to a meat-eater.

So, if a meat-eater would switch to a vegan lifestyle, he or she can help to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1.5 tons every year. This is already a huge help to the environment.

Natural Cleansers vs. Conventional Cleansers

Before we get a closer look into the various options for a vegan facial cleanser, let’s first understand the science behind skincare.

Our skin is made from a component known as the acid mantle. This term might sound unpleasant, but it’s actually useful protection.



Without this, you would be fully exposed to environmental pollutants, including bacteria. The acid mantle is basically a barrier that consists of oil, dead skin cells, and sweat. 

Foaming vs. Non-Foaming

When looking for a face cleanser to buy, you can choose between the foaming and non-foaming variety. Most of the conventional facial cleansers in the market have agitating ingredients that are harmful.

One example is the sodium lauryl sulfate, which gives the cleanser a foamy quality. If you want something that’s gentle on your face, choose cleansers that are made only from natural ingredients.

Choosing a face cleanser that’s non-foamy is also a good idea. Oftentimes, people think that a cleanser needs to lather for it to effectively do its job. But these foaming agents are merely added as a psychological effect.

What to Keep in Mind?

If you feel any unusual or uncomfortable sensation, consider that as red flags and a sign that it’s time to change your facial cleanser.

Also, when you feel like your skin is feeling tight or dry after cleansing your face, this could indicate that the cleanser is just a bit too harsh for your skin.

Closely monitor your skin for any allergic reaction or irritation, such as itchiness or redness, which are basically your skin’s way of letting you know that you are allergic or sensitive to the ingredients used for such a product.


Skin Type

Your skin type is an important factor to consider when determining the cleanser that can work best for you.

When it comes to a vegan face cleanser, look for something that’s specifically formulated for the type of skin that you have.

  • Normal

If you have normal skin, then you’re lucky because your skin is not picky.

So, when it comes to choosing the right vegan face cleanser, simply follow your own personal preferences. Go for a lightweight option that’s gentle yet effective.

  • Sensitive

If you have sensitive skin, you need to be extra careful in choosing the right vegan face cleanser.

Choose the milder options, and if possible, those that have soothing ingredients in them like aloe. Avoid cleansers that have fragrance because this will only aggravate or irritate your skin.

  • Oily

It’s a struggle to have oily skin. And although washing on a regular basis can help to minimize the oiliness, it won’t totally prevent breakouts.

Using a vegan cleanser can help to regulate oil production, which can somehow minimize the acne.

  • Dry

If you’ve got dry skin, you have to make sure that the facial cleanser you will be using won’t dry your face even further. Using water-based cleansers like micellar water is a good idea.

Cream-based cleansers that are made of hydrating ingredients can also work best for your dry skin as it can effectively cleanse your face without removing your skin’s natural oils.

  • Combination

For those with combination skin, choose foam or gel-based face wash that can effectively cleanse your face while controlling the oiliness in the T-zone area.

At the same time, the cleanser should also hydrate certain areas of your face.

  • Acne-Prone

If you are someone who often has to deal with breakouts and blemishes, using a cruelty-free face wash is good for you. Some of the best ones are made with tea tree oil and salicylic acid.

The tea tree oil can effectively kill the pimple-causing bacteria and its anti-inflammatory properties can prevent the growth of pimple.

Meanwhile, salicylic acid will penetrate deep into your skin in order to clear your pore of dirt, oil, and bacteria.


How Often to Do a Face Wash

You need to consider your skin type when deciding on how often you should wash your face. While most people would wash their faces in the morning, this is merely optional.

However, washing your face before bedtime is extremely important. For those with oily skin and acne-prone skin, it’s highly recommended that you wash your face once in the morning and night.

If you’ve got sensitive, dry, or normal skin, once a day should be enough. 

Be Careful

Cleaning your face before applying any skincare product is important. Otherwise, you won’t be able to benefit from these skincare products.

So, when it comes to your skincare routine, cleansing should be the first step.

You should give your skin the care and attention that it deserves while making sure that you use cleansers that are made from natural or organic ingredients.

Go for Gentle

Regardless of the type of skin that you have, opting for gentle products is a must. Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil are some of the most effective ingredients for skincare products that are geared towards acne-prone and oily skin.

However, these ingredients are a bit too harsh and they tend to strip the natural oils that are supposed to hydrate your skin. You will find all three ingredients in some of the vegan cleansers being sold in the market so you have to be careful.

Although tea tree oil is a natural ingredient, it’s not entirely safe and gentle. It can also strip the natural oils away and will cause your skin to produce excess oil that can further lead to irritation and acne.


Exfoliate Your Skin

A good skin care regimen should include an exfoliator. Regardless of your skin type, you should take some effort to slough all dead skin cells away.

Exfoliating at least once in a week should be enough to polish and brighten your skin. It can also promote the turnover of dead skin cells and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

But then again, make sure that you choose exfoliating products that are gentle on the skin, such as the Pumpkin & Spice Facial Scrub. This one is made from natural apricot seeds that will gently exfoliate your face. You can also go for chemical exfoliants or physical exfoliants.

But regardless of the option that you’ll go for, avoid those that are made from overly harsh ingredients, especially if your skin is sensitive or prone to acne.

Sugar and salt scrubs are also gaining popularity when it comes to exfoliants. Most of these scrubs are made with essential oils and carrier oils that help to moisturize and smoothen your skin.

While almost all of the organic and natural versions of facial scrubs are made with vegan products, some of the salt scrubs have crushed seed shells in them that are just too harsh for your skin.

Sugar scrubs are great at sloughing dry and flaky skin away. But since sugar is usually less coarse compared to salt, it has the tendency to dissolve easily in water.

A gentle scrub that’s made of fine sugar granules and is free from synthetic fragrances is highly recommended for those with dry or sensitive skin.


Use Eye Cream

Applying eye cream before you put on a moisturizer is highly recommended. If you’re using light oil, serum, or light cream, then these products must first be applied before you put on your moisturizer.

If the eye cream you’re using is thick and heavy, then it will go last.

Apply Sunscreen

Regardless of your age, keeping your face protected from the harmful rays of the sun is of utmost importance. Therefore, applying sunscreen should be part of your skincare routine.

It’s a good idea to use mineral-based sunscreen that has moisturizing effects. The product won’t only protect you from the sun but will also moisturize your skin at the same time. 


Given the wide range of choices for a skincare product or makeup, choosing the right product to buy can be a daunting task.

The guidelines above should help you choose the right vegan cleanser to buy. Whether you are getting an exfoliating cleanser, cream-based cleanser, foaming, or a combination of all three, always refer to the list of ingredients and make sure that they are all gentle to your skin.

Always choose the product that’s made from natural ingredients, such as the Pumpkin & Spice Facial Scrub. By using a vegan-friendly cleanser, you’re not only doing something good for your skin but for Mother Nature as well.

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