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All About Pumpkin & Spice Skincare

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The Pumpkin & Spice brand was born after the founders embarked on a business trip to Mexico, and were trekking through the rain forests of Tulum.

After a long day of hiking, their tour guide recommended applying an ancient miracle oil to effectively hydrate and restore the balance of their skin, which was later identified as Pumpkin Seed Oil.

After using the product and seeing the incredible results, the idea of Pumpkin & Spice was born.

After 12 months of producing a completely custom formula to bring to the market, our goal is to make an impact on every morning and evening skincare routine.


Pumpkin & Spice is a vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly skincare collection that uses the benefits of organic pumpkin seed oil and smells just like a pumpkin spice latte.

The Pumpkin & Spice Promise

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Q & A

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The Vision

We want Pumpkin & Spice to be a global, trusted company where our customers and community can come to find natural, sustainable, honest formulas that are effective in the battle against whatever skin concern they might be dealing with.


The Philosophy

Pumpkin & Spice is committed to giving your skin unrivalled nourishment with all natural ingredients. We believe you don’t need to sacrifice your skin to smell good and feel good which is why the moment you apply our products you’ll fall in love with us. We also believe that when it comes to skin care, transparency in what goes into what we produce is key. You deserve to know what you’re putting on your skin and why.

We focus on bringing you a premium range of formulas carefully crafted that your skin will love. It’s just as important to know what we don’t include in our range as what we do include, so you can be confident in avoiding nasties. Beyond skin care we believe animals should be left out of the equation, so we are very passionate about being 100% vegan and never test anything on animals.


The Name

“Pumpkin” being the organic pumpkin seed oil which is included in every one of our products because of the rich benefits pumpkin seed oil provides to the skin. “Spice” being the variety of natural extracts that we’ve included in our custom formulations. Combining these two unique elements, Pumpkin & Spice was born.

In The Media

"The pumpkin and spice clay mask impresses with its luxurious, natural formula, offering deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation for a refreshed, brighter complexion."

"Experience the rejuvenating power of the pumpkin and spice clay mask, where natural ingredients beautifully combine for radiant, deeply cleansed, and smooth skin."

"The pumpkin and spice clay mask, a signature blend from the renowned brand, delivers a luxurious, natural skincare experience for a visibly rejuvenated and radiant complexion."

"The brand's pumpkin and spice clay mask stands out with its exquisite natural formulation, promising a transformative skincare experience for a brighter, smoother, and refreshed complexion."

"Discover the essence of autumn with the brand's pumpkin and spice clay mask, meticulously crafted for deep cleansing and radiant skin rejuvenation."

"Unveil a luminous complexion with the brand's pumpkin and spice serum, a potent blend that hydrates, revitalizes, and smoothens, revealing your skin's natural glow."

"Experience the nourishing touch of the brand's day moisturizer, infused with pumpkin and spice extracts, for all-day hydration and a naturally radiant, healthy complexion."

Perfect nature
Perfect nature

In just 10 min leave your skin utterly radiant.

100,000+ Happy Customers. Formulated for all skin types, No Nasties, Cruelty-Free.