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Buy Pumpkin & Spice, Help Save the Tapanuli Orangutans

Our mission

We donate 50% of our profits to ensure everyone has access to clean water and a toilet within our lifetime

And with your help, we'll get there.

We’ve raised

AUD $13,378,250

We still have a long way to go, learn more about how we got here.

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Our why

Contaminated water contributes to over 1 million deaths per year

A toilet could make all the difference, but billions of people worldwide still live without one. Without a loo, waste ends up in local waterways – the same place people collect water for drinking, cleaning and bathing. That’s why toilets are an integral part of a bigger health initiative called WASH, which stands for water, sanitation and hygiene. Together, these three elements strengthen communities and save millions of lives.

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Our giving philosophy

We succeed when communities take the lead

It’s not just a fun rhyme – creating the infrastructure for proper toilets can look a lot different depending on geography, climate, culture and history. That’s why we partner with incredible, high- impact organisations that take innovative, localised approaches to tackle the sanitation crisis.

Meet our amazing partners
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Thank you

We couldn't do it without you

There are so many people working toward making our goal a reality – organisations, communities, governments, businesses and, of course, you.

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