How Well Do Body Scrubs Work? Complete Guide

How Well Do Body Scrubs Work? Complete Guide

If you feel like your skin is in need of some TLC, applying body scrubs is the way to go. These skincare products are designed to cleanse and exfoliate your skin making it look beautiful and healthy.

Scrubs are usually made of three main ingredients – exfoliant, oil, and fragrance. The exfoliant can come in the form of salt, jojoba beads, sugar, etc. In order for the mixture to stay in place, oil is added. And of course, the fragrance is responsible for giving the product a nice smell.

Although you can have an exfoliating treatment at your favorite salon or spa, it’s also possible to do your own treatment at home.

So, here’s everything you need to know about body scrubs. 


When Should You Use A Body Scrub?

If you’ve got normal skin and you live and work in a polluted or dusty area, then you should apply a scrub at least once or twice a week. This is to exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells that could clog your pores.

Exfoliating can give you a fresher, smoother, and even tone. But for those who are sensitive, be very gentle when putting the scrub on. You should not overdo it or it could flare your skin up and this can lead to irritation and redness.

If you’re oil-prone, you should try to exfoliate at least twice a week. This also applies to those who are trying to remove a tan or are dealing with dryness brought about by a warm climate. Applying body scrub twice a week can soothe your skin while providing it with some extra nutrients.



The scrubbing action that takes place during your process of exfoliation can help to stimulate the blood circulation, which helps to make your skin look healthy. This is also good for toning. However, try to avoid exfoliating on the most delicate parts of your body, instead, focus on the tougher areas.


How Often to Use a Body Scrub?

It is not recommended to exfoliate every single day. Over-exfoliating will leave your skin irritated and dry.

To be safe, you should not exfoliate more than three times a week. If you are dry or sensitive, then you should only do it once a week. For those who are suffering from certain skin conditions, you better talk to a dermatologist before applying any kind of body scrub, and if you’ve got questions on how often you should be using the body scrub, your dermatologist should be able to answer this.

The best time for application is while you’re showering or in a bathtub. Apply the scrub gently in a circular motion and rinse it off afterward with warm water.


How Do Body Scrubs Work?

Applying a scrub can be messy, which is why it’s recommended to do it in your bathroom. If you’re getting it done in a spa or salon, the therapist might ask you to wear disposable underwear. Then they will leave you in the room. You’ll be asked to lie face down in a massage table topped with a towel and then the therapist will begin.

The therapist will begin by gently rubbing your back with an exfoliant, including the areas at the back of your arms, legs, and feet. You will be draped with a towel and only the part of your body that is getting exfoliated will be exposed. When done, the therapist will ask you to roll over to the other side so she can start working on the other areas of your body.

After applying the scrub, the therapist will ask you to step into the shower to rinse. Make sure you rinse your body thoroughly so you won’t be taking those little granules with you on the massage table, and don’t apply any shower gel.

It is best to leave the oil residues in order to fully benefit from the scrub. If you are getting the treatment from a table that's wet, the therapist will rinse you using a hand-held shower. That way, you don’t need to leave the table and go to the shower.

While you’re showering the therapist will place a new sheet on the massage table so you can have a clean area to lie down after you are done showering. You will be left to lie down for a few minutes to dry off. When the therapist returns, she will apply lotion and oil all over your body.


Benefits of Body Scrubs

Applying facial scrub products like the Pumpkin & Spice Facial Scrub will give your face a beautiful glow.

But you should also exfoliate the rest of your body and not just on your face. It’s truly unfortunate that body scrubs are not getting as much attention despite the fact that they are very important.

Applying body scrub should be considered an important part of your skincare routine. In fact, exfoliating comes with many benefits, and here are some of them:

  • Improves Blood Circulation

The constant scrubbing can help to improve blood circulation, which is important in keeping your skin healthy.

As you scrub and slough away the dead cells, the rubbing motion will trigger the blood to flow freely. Aside from improving the circulation, it can drain off lymph nodes and direct the flow of blood to the surface of your skin.

  • Helps with Anti-Aging

Scrubbing can help to give your skin that beautiful youthful appearance. Usually, it will take up to a month for the topmost layer to be renewed. A constant application can help you to achieve a more vibrant, smoother, and younger-looking complexion.

  • Revitalizing

Regular exfoliation can revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. It helps to remove the impurities and dead cells while bringing back its natural glow.

  • Gives You a Tan

Health experts have long warned the public about the danger of constant sun exposure, which could put you at risk of cancer.

Because of this, people have relied on using self-tanners in order to safely achieve that beautiful tan complexion. You’d be able to achieve a more realistic tan if you exfoliate first.

That’s because the dead skin cells could produce a blotchy look when you apply the self-tanner. But you can avoid this if you exfoliate before tanning.

  • Will Make You Feel Refreshed

Most scrubs have a stimulating scent in them that will make you feel refreshed and relaxed after use.

Thus, you will enjoy the regimen, even more, thanks to the invigorating smell that has a positive effect on your overall mood.

  • Works as a Moisturizer

Regular exfoliation can help enhance the moisture of your skin. That’s because scrubbing can remove the dead skin cells, allowing your body to absorb the moisture even better.


How to Use Body Scrubs

Before exfoliating, there are certain steps you need to follow to ensure the best results.

First, you need to soak your body with water. You can take a shower or soak in the tub. The water should be warm to hot. When showering, leave the water to run over your body for up to 10 minutes until you get that super soft feeling. Then turn the water off and start with your treatment.

  • Keep in mind that the main purpose of exfoliating is to remove dry dead skin cells. You should target the areas on your body that are prone to dryness, such as the back portion of your legs, arms, and feet.
  • You should maintain a circular motion when scrubbing your body. Make sure you don’t scrub too hard. Be very gentle with your skin so it will not turn red or get irritated.
  • Exfoliate all over for up 10 minutes before you rinse it off with warm water.
  • When you’re done, make sure you moisturize your body so it will feel hydrated and soft.

Types of Body Scrubs

So now that you know how to go about your body scrub treatment, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the different ones that are out there.

If you’re suffering from allergies or have sensitive skin, be very mindful of the ingredients.

Below are the different types of body scrubs that you can find in the market.

  • Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are sweet and are among the most popular types of body scrubs out there. They're usually made with either white sugar or brown sugar.

The sugar’s rough texture will exfoliate your skin in a gentler way compared to the salt scrub. So, if you’ve got sensitive skin, this one’s a better choice.

  • Salt Scrubs

AKA “salt glows”, a salt scrub is a type of body scrub that’s made from sea salt. It can effectively treat problem areas while removing toxins away. The salt scrub is recommended for those with oily skin.

However, if your skin is dry, you should add essential oils to the scrub prior to application. The essential oil can give your body scrub a relaxing smell.

  • Moisturizing Scrubs

If your skin seems to have a lack of moisture then using a moisturizing scrub is the best way to give it a boost.

These are usually made with ground almonds, oatmeal, and cooling yogurt. Sometimes, they are made with avocado or aloe vera that can restore your skin’s moisture.

  • Coffee Scrubs

If you’re someone who loves the smell of coffee, then you have every reason to love this type of body exfoliant.

The smell serves can serve as a natural stimulant that will not only restore your skin’s healthy glow but will firm your skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and cellulite, thanks to the high level of antioxidant.

They also come in different flavors, such as chocolate and vanilla.

  • Loofas and Sponges

Using a loofas or sponge can help exfoliate your skin. You can use them with your favorite body wash to remove dead skin cells.

  • Herb Scrubs

As the name suggests, these body scrubs are made with herbs. They are usually made from a combination of dried herbs, including lavender.

To make the scrub smell even better, aromatic essential oils can be added to it. They provide a softer alternative for exfoliation, which is ideal for those with sensitive skin.


Things You Should Know

  • Some salons and spas will perform an exfoliating treatment in a room with no shower and will simply remove the exfoliant with the use of a steamed towel.
  • It’s possible to get a body scrub by itself without other treatment, however, it’s usually the first step when getting a body wrap treatment, either the mud wrap or seaweed treatment, which are both considered signature spa treatments.
  • It’s possible to have a massage after your treatment. It is best to do the scrub first since it will stimulate your body and the massage will come you down. Some spas and salons will offer signature treatments that include massages and scrubs.
  • Salt and other exfoliants tend to be very abrasive so this is something to consider if you’ve got sensitive skin. In addition, there are therapists who have heavy hands that might make you feel uncomfortable.


Safety Tips

Remember that these homemade body scrubs must only be used for the body and not on your face. Your face is so much more sensitive than the other parts of your body and might not be able to handle the harsh texture of the scrubs.

If you want to exfoliate your face, you should use a facial scrub like the Pumpkin & Spice Facial Scrub.

You should not exfoliate if you have the following:

  • Sunburn
  • Red or swollen skin
  • Recovering from chemical peels
  • Broken or chapped skin

Before adding any essential oils, it is recommended to do a patch test to ensure that it’s safe.



As you see, there are many ways to get a body scrub so there’s no reason why you should ignore exfoliating your skin.

You can make your own homemade exfoliator, purchase a body scrub, or get a treatment from a spa or salon.

If you’ve got sensitive skin, it is best to consult with your dermatologist before you use any type of body scrub.

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