Applying Darin Olien's "5 Simple Fixes" to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Applying Darin Olien's "5 Simple Fixes" to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Though modern media shows flawless skin to be the norm, the reality is quite different. As many as 1 in 3 Americans are affected by various skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Fortunately, achieving perfect skin is entirely possible.

Darin Olien's groundbreaking health and lifestyle book SuperLife asserts that just five life forces can get you in the best shape you've ever been in. Here's how you can use them to end up with skin that's healthy, fit, and free of illness.

Quality Nutrition: For Healthier Skin

When it comes to your skin, you are what you eat. For instance, Spicy foods dilate your blood vessels, increasing both sebum production and skin inflammation. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can combat this. Meanwhile, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables like berries, artichokes, and beans prevent premature aging by protecting against sun damage.

Meats and fish rich in selenium can also lower your risk of developing skin cancer. Even essential fatty acids in foods like salmon and canola oil help your skin retain moisture for longer — which, as we will discuss below, is crucial for healthy skin.

Hydration: For Softer And Smoother Skin

Dehydrated skin is caused by a lack of water, and not oil, which is the case with dry skin. It can even age you faster, so moisturized skin can help you look softer, smoother, and more youthful for longer. Integrate hydrating toners, humectant serums, and emollient creams into your routine.

These should have ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides, which can attract and retain moisture. Apply products onto damp skin, and put on thicker layers at night so it can work while you sleep. Most importantly, drink your fill of water throughout the day.

Detoxification: For Brighter Skin

Ridding your pores of impurities can prevent clogging and brighten your overall appearance. So cleanse in the morning and evening to remove dirt that accumulates during sleep and throughout the day.

Exercise regularly to sweat out toxins, and abstain from alcohol and cigarettes so they don't pollute your skin. Finally, exfoliate at least twice a week with a gentle product.

The Pumpkin & Spice Facial Scrub can be used by all skin types to reduce pore size, inflammation, and breakouts. By gently removing dead cells, you'll reveal bright, glowing skin underneath.

Oxygenation: for more youthful skin Despite having a solid diet and skincare routine, great skin doesn't happen overnight. Oxygen, however, can help speed up the process. A study published in Microsystems & Nano engineering found that oxygen heals wounds by promoting cell turnover.

This can quicken the renewal of skin cells and proteins like collagen, making you appear more youthful. Oxygen facials, in particular, which involve a professional infusing oxygen into your skin with a non-invasive, stick-like device, can induce these benefits. Even celebrities like Ashley Graham and Madonna swear by them!

Alkalization: For Fresher And Clearer Skin

Finally, maintaining the pH of your skin so that it's not too acidic helps it protect itself from irritants like bacteria, pollution, and allergens.

Also stay away from products with fragrances, essential oils, and harsh chemicals like alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate.

For easily irritated skin, products should have a pH of 4.6 to 5.5, which you can test for using pH strips. By maintaining the right balance — not just in your skincare routine, but in how you treat your body as a whole — you're guaranteed to end up with healthy and clear skin.

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